what to look for when buying a condo

This is the age-old dilemma of people looking for a new place to reside in. The main decision factor is money, or lack thereof. This leads many condo-hunters to rent instead of buy. If, however,

Energy is one of the most crucial things you should consider before buying any condo in Denver. So, just before you close the deal, take some time out to observe how much sunlight you’ll end up with inside the condo.

Mara: When we first started thinking about buying, we set our budget at $400,000. We took a look online and quickly realized we wouldn’t be happy with anything we could afford in Toronto. Nicola: We.

Let Barry DeNicola be your guide to purchasing a South Florida condo with. the unit and taking a close look at the financial health of the condo association to.

Rule No.1: Never rush into buying a condo unit It’s human nature to buy on impulse. Very often people fall in love with a good-looking car and buy without giving it a thorough mechanical inspection.

Before you jump into buying a condo, there’s 10 questions you should know the answer to: 1. How much are the monthly condo fees and what does it go towards?

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Buying a condo allows you to wade into homeownership without plunging into the responsibilities of a single-family home. Before you buy a condo, ask the right questions to avoid making a mistake.

When you buy a condo, however, you have to abide by the rules and regulations of the association. A rental cap is the maximum number of units in a condo development that be rented at any one time. All other units must be owner-occupied. For condominiums with caps, 20% is a common limit.

 · Total monthly expenses for a Condo: 835.00. So the home expenses are $1120 versus the condo at $835. As you can see from the rough calculations above, all things being equal, condo living with its monthly fee can actually be cheaper than living in a.

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What to Look For Before You Buy Your Condo. When you make an offer on a condominium, you will have an opportunity to review a resale certificate. This is your moment to try and assess the overall health of the HOA. Buried inside this mountain of paper, there lies some important information.