Prepayment Penalty Definition

. (e.g., monthly, quarterly, semiannually, annually, or any other defined period).. For loans with a maturity of 15 years or longer, prepayment penalties apply when:. The prepayment is made within the first three years after the date of the first.

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As another way to compensate for prepayment risk (which is a reinvestment risk), a prepayment penalty clause is often included in the loan contract. "Soft" prepayment terms can allow prepayment without penalty if the home is sold. "Hard" prepayment terms do not allow any exceptions without penalty.

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625 percent and a 10-year term, The special feature of this loan was that although the client had a prohibitive yield maintenance penalty on the existing loan, Meridian was able to convince the lender to keep the loan in its portfolio, be flexible on the prepayment penalty, and deliver a very low rate to the client.

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Prepayment penalty mortgage is a mortgage that requires a borrower to pay penalty for prepayment, partial payment or for repaying the entire loan within a specified time period. Prepayment penalty is mostly charged in cases where s/he pays one or more monthly payments before the due date.

Prepayment: A prepayment is the settlement of a debt or installment payment before its official due date. A prepayment can either be made for the entire balance of a liability or for an upcoming.

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Definition. Prepayment penalties are aptly named: They penalize you for paying your loan off early. Most prepayment penalties kick in if you pay off your.

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