how to own a condo

Buying a condo in NYC is a much more straightforward process than buying a coop in NYC. It is important to keep in mind that buying a condo in NYC means you are purchasing real property versus shares of a corporation, which is the case if you are buying a coop in NYC.

If you own a condo, you are responsible for paying your unit's property taxes directly to the government, which will likely cause your overall.

In regards to purchasing a condo or townhome that has a HOA, I heard that we only own 0.01 arches when it comes to owning the land portion.

The decision to own or rent a condo comes down to two matters: financial feasibility and personal desires. You must prioritize these concerns in order to determine whether renting or buying is a better option. Financial Considerations Affordability is the first priority. If you cannot afford to buy a condo,

Using high-end condos as an example, the report says the “bare minimum. and while they don’t compromise on quality, they.

Owning a vacation home or second home is very popular in Southwest Florida. Here at Program Realty, roughly half of our buyer side business.

Hey Guys! So I’m here to answer your question on why I purchased a condo vs a single family home! check out my Empty Condo Tour!

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Jorge Pérez, the billionaire real-estate developer widely referred to as Miami’s “condo king,” is having a bit of trouble selling his own: He is relisting his Miami condo for $10.95 million, or 45%.

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The bill signed by Gov. J.B. Pritzker earlier this summer includes specific provisions that allow condo associations to prohibit on-site smoking, including in individual units. To date, few condo.

A less technical way to think of a condo is an apartment that you own. In practice, condos often take the form of an apartment or similar shared complex as with row townhouses, but theoretically, a condo could physically look like anything.

Like many condo buyers, there is the desire to own a condo but also get rental income to offset costs or maybe even make a profit.