How Much Does It Cost For Termite Inspection

Inspection Price Guide & Tips. On average, the cost of having a professional come out and perform an inspection for termites is around $150 to $350, but this all depends on the type of inspection you have happen and how big your home is. The first section holds information regarding immediate steps.

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Average costs for materials and equipment for termite inspection in San Antonio. All project costs (surface preparation, components and machinery), and cleanup fees. This San Antonio Termite Inspection Estimate Does NOT Include: Any permits required for termite inspection San Antonio projects. Inspection and/or San Antonio building fees.

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The only cost is a yearly Termite inspection to ensure there is no conducive conditions that will weaken the treatment zone. Termite Barrier Cost usually $2,000 – $3,500. Termite Bait systems will cost $2500 – $3500 and include servicing, monitoring and baiting for 12 months only.

I am a termite inspector and have called around to dfferent companies to see what they charge. I live in Stockton, CA. Last time I checked which was about two years ago the average price was about 110-120 dollars.

Termites do more damage to homes than flooding, hurricanes, and tornadoes, causing more than $5 billion in damage to properties each year. What's more.

Q: I am selling a house and have gotten a termite inspection by a company recommended by the real estate agent. The recommendation was to tent the house and treat it with Premise 75. The cost for the.

Termite control cost, using termite bait stations can cost significantly less for the initial setup. In fact, if your home already has a current bait station system in place, and is up to date, we will take over the service at no setup cost.

Termite damage costs about $5 billion every year in the United States 1. A well-organized termite colony can have more than a million hungry workers consuming over 100 pounds of wood per year. The average cost of termite treatment and damage repairs is more than $8,000. 2

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If you're planning to perform a termite inspection or hiring a termite inspector it is best that you have an idea how much it cost as well as other details that are.

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